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Logos Quiz Review: 5 Reasons Why You’ll Definitely Love It

If you are a big fan of puzzles and advertising, then you will definitely enjoy this quiz game called Logo Quiz. Developed by AticoD Entertainment S.L., this mobile app will test a gamer’s memorization and brand recognition skills through a series of fun, yet highly challenging levels. With a lot of content to play with, you will definitely get hooked to it in just a matter of minutes. This short article will guide you through the world of Logo Quiz and discuss five great factors why it is the best quiz franchise for you.

1. Challenging Game Mechanics

One of the reasons why Logo Quiz managed to get more than 30,000,000 million downloads worldwide is because of its tough game mechanics. The objective of this quiz-type app is to identify the names of different company brands. It may look simple at first glance, but once you played it, you will realize that the process of answering it can be quite tricky.

Each logo has missing elements which makes it hard to recognize. Obvious letters, such as the ones found on the BBC’s iconic logo, were omitted. What were left of the company’s emblem are three black squares. Oftentimes, only a single letter is presented on the screen, just like what they did to the logo of Barbie.

Another hurdle that you will face here is typing the correct spelling of the icon. If you miss a wrong letter or word, your points will be significantly reduced and you will earn fewer coins. Make sure that you type the letters slowly but accurately to get a score of 100.

Logos Quiz is composed of eight different levels. The first few stages feature a bevy of recognizable brand names, but as you venture into the higher ones, you will face a lot of logos that are known only to a few people. You really need to have a sharp memory in order to answer most of the challenges.

2. Mobile compatibility and user-friendly tools

Whether you are using an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, you will not experience any problems playing it because game is compatible with all these Apple devices. However, the gadgets need to have an updated iOS version or you else you will not be able to run it. You must have the version 6.0 or the latest one.

Another good thing about this mobile game is that it is replete with user-friendly features. One of these is responsive on-screen buttons. It only takes a soft tap for you to move from one page to the next. The same can also be said with the keyboard. It is very easy to spell the name of the logo because the keyboard is large and has adequate breathing spaces so your fingers will not feel too cramped. The sans serif font that they used for the text makes it easier for players to read the hints.

3. Abundant Content and Features

Similar to other Logos Quiz games, this mobile app developed by AticoD Entertainment S.L. is abundant in playable content and other features. It has more than 1,000 logos to solve so you will definitely have a fun time playing it. These icons came from a variety of industries such as food, science, fashion, technology, automobiles, toys, media, and a whole lot more.

The game also has a nifty feature that tracks your progress throughout the game. You can check your total score in each level, as well as your hits and misses. You can share this data in social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. The players who got the best scores in Logos Quiz Answers will be posted on a leader board that can be viewed by millions of people from across the globe.

4. Useful Hint System

If you are stuck in a difficult level, you can use the hint system to answer the question. By tapping on a button, the game will display a trivia about the company you are trying to guess. If that method does not work, you can just ask your friends online. The app lets you access your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can post difficult questions on the internet.

5. Cheat Sheet

If you wanted to achieve a very high score with ease, you can view the Logo Quiz Answers online. Once the players visit the site, they can gain a bevy of information regarding all the logos that were featured in the app.

To wrap things up

Overall, app game is an exhilarating mobile franchise that exceeds the quality of its previous predecessors. With more than 1,000 brand names to seek, it is an ideal app that will surely entertain you for hours on end. The innovative features, meanwhile, makes it easier for players to navigate. If you have played this mobile game before, make sure to drop by the comments section and tell other players about your experiences with it.

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